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North Country Road Middle School

Discipline Policies



  1. Follow directions the first time they are given.
  2. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
  3. Use appropriate language at all times.

Lunch Detention:
A student may be assigned lunch detention by a teacher or an administrator for inappropriate behavior.

After-School Detention:
After-school detention may be assigned by an administrator if a student does not attend lunch detention, or if an administrator deems it an appropriate consequence according to the School-Wide Discipline Plan. It is important to note that every lunch detention earned in the classroom setting after seven is coupled with an after-school detention as well.

School-Wide Discipline Plan:

Warning: Incident recorded.

First Step: Incident recorded, one lunch detention, and phone call home-parent contact.

Second Step: Incident recorded, two lunch detentions, phone call home-parent contact.

Third Step: Incident recorded, one lunch detention, one after-school detention, loss of privilege to attend next dance, phone call home-parent contact.

Fourth Step: Incident recorded, one day in-school suspension, one lunch detention, one after-school detention, loss of privilege to attend next dance, and parent conference.

Fifth Step: Incident recorded, two days in-school suspension, two lunch detentions, two after-school detentions, loss of privilege to attend next dance, loss of trips and/or end-of-year eighth grade dance, and parent conference.

Exhaustion of School-Wide Discipline Plan:
Any additional infractions will result in appropriate disciplinary action as per the Miller Place School District Code of Conduct and the building administration.

  1. A student will be placed on the appropriate step based on the severity of the infraction.
  2. Out-of-school suspension may be utilized as an appropriate consequence.
  3. Twenty infractions will result in an automatic Step Five and loss of school functions (e.g. sports, trips, dances).

*By having no further discipline events for a period of five weeks, students will be afforded one opportunity to retract a step.

Positive Reinforcement: To encourage students to follow these school-wide rules, we will recognize appropriate behavior with praise, such as, “Good News” notes home, positive phone calls, “Character Coupons” and other rewards.