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North Country Road Middle School

Eligibility Policy

Eligibility Policy and Probationary Status Procedures for Extra-Curricular Activities
Due to the fact that the middle school student is in a transitional period, the eligibility policy adopted by the Board of Education for the high school has been modified for the NCRMS.

All students in the North Country Road Middle School must make learning their primary goal.  To continue participating in extra-curricular activities, students must maintain an acceptable academic level of performance:

  • Academic eligibility is determined by the achievement grades of the proceeding 10-week period except in September, which will be determined by the final grade earned the previous year, and in summer school.
  • Students who receive two or more failing grades in a marking period are placed on probationary status concerning eligibility.
  • A student must be in attendance during the regular school day to participate that day.
  • Suspension from school makes the student ineligible to participate in any extracurricular activities during the suspension period.

Probationary Status Procedure:

Students that are designated to probationary status will be required to attend a mandatory

Academic Center, which is an intervention that will assist students in their academic achievement.  The center will meet for a period of two or three days a week.  The students will submit a bi-weekly progress report to the school office to monitor his/her progress.  If the bi-weekly report is not provided, the student will not participate in the extracurricular activity for a period of two weeks.  Upon evidence of a serious and determined effort to pass the course(s), the student will be removed from the probationary status.  If a student does not make the effort to improve in the class (or classes) in question, an administrative review could result in the possibility of suspension from all extra-curricular activities.